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Community Service Programs

Sheldon High School/International High School Community Service Program

Community Service is defined as student time and talent volunteered to their school and/or community. The student should not receive credit or money for the services to be considered as community service. The student does, however, receive special recognition in a variety of ways. The award column below lists the types of recognition.

Program When to Apply How to Apply Entrance Requirement Community Hours/
Contact Person Award
National Honor Society May after second trimester sophomore or junior year In May applications mailed to Jrs. & Sophomores with 3.6+ GPA 3.5 cumulative gpa 8 of 10 meetings 4 projects 20 hours of community service Jeannie Evans


NHS induction and certificate Graduation honor cord Scholarship potential
4J Diploma Seal Beginning in May of freshman year, students come to the Career Center for a contract Return completed contract to the Career Center 3.00 cumulative gpa at time of contract submission 3.50 cumulative GPA at regular Sheldon graduation 120 hrs. Community Service and 1 extra unit of credit (25 credits) Mirella Jimenez


College/Career Center

4J Seal on Sheldon Diploma


*See community service booklet located in Sheldon IHS office.
**Hours may be earned after last school day of 9th grade or AFTER contract is signed, whichever is later