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About Sheldon High School

Mission Statement

Sheldon High School is a place of respect, integrity and learning. Its mission is to provide all students with a challenging, comprehensive education designed to prepare them to perform as successful citizens in our complex, ever-changing world.

Program Description

Sheldon High School provides all students the opportunity to learn in a caring and supportive environment. The curriculum is rigorous to meet the Oregon State Standards. Our school community challenges students, staff and families to create a student-centered culture that emphasizes intellectual excellence and respect for the qualities each member brings to our community.

School Highlights

Sheldon High School offers humanities programs that include honors, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses, offered in both a traditional and international studies format.

Sheldon offers a wide variety of career courses in art, broadcasting (radio and television), business, human services, computer technology and environmental studies.’

Sheldon has many co-curricular programs including student government, National Honor Society, drama, a host of clubs and activities, and 21 sports providing opportunities for both men and women.

Sheldon provides advisory programs to develop relationships and to address career-related learning standards.

School Improvement Goals


During the 2018-2019 academic school year, the attendance rate for Sheldon High School will increase from 91.1 (2017-2018) to 95.0%.  2017-2018 grade level data was 94.31 for 9th Grade, 92.47 for 10th grade, 93.66 for 11th Grade and 90.57 for 12th Grade.  In addition we will focus on improving grades 10-12th by 2%.


During the 2018-2019 academic school year, the total percent of students on track for graduation in four years will increase from 88.1% to 90.0%.  Credits earned per year will be used to measure on track readiness based on trimester credits accumulated.  To be on track, freshmen will have 6 credits.  In addition, we are striving for 100% on freshmen on track at the end of this school year.  2017-2018:  95% was on track for 9th grade.

Student Engagement (Instruction):

During the 2018-2019 academic school year, all teachers at Sheldon High School will be focusing on how and when we discuss topics related to teaching and learning and the ability to increase instructional capacity throughout the building.  A viable outcome for this goal would to ensure that each teacher has clear Essential Questions/Objectives posted daily in their classroom and have clearly communicated those objectives/outcomes with all students.  In addition, ensure that each department is dedicated to reviewing curriculum (Focused Note Taking, Unit Planning, Scope and Sequence) and assess its ability to fully embrace high yield instructional strategies ((W)riting, (I)nquiry, (C)ollaboration, (O)rganization, (R)eading) to support students in their learning.

School Climate and Culture:

During the 2018-2019 academic school year, students and staff at Sheldon High School will work together to design and implement school-wide initiatives that strive towards creating the safest, most welcoming and inclusive school climate possible.  We take a genuine and authentic interest in helping “ALL Students” be successful.  These include but are not limited to academic background, life experiences, culture and language.  Our goal is to create meaningful opportunities to engage staff and students in civil discourse on real world topics in a respectful way.  The goal addresses the rigorous application of critical thinking and listening skills.


2455 Willakenzie Rd – Eugene OR, 97401
Grades: 9-12
Enrollment: 1564
Feeder schools: Monroe & Cal Young
School Colors
: Green, Black and White
ODE school report cards and AYP reports

Governing Bodies

Each academic discipline (i.e., department) elects one faculty representative with voting privileges for the group (each group contains approximately 4-10 FTE).  The Student Achievement Leadership Team (S.A.L.T.)  also includes one or more non-voting representatives from IHS and one or more non-voting administrative representatives.

The elected representatives form a group that advises  administration in matters including curriculum, instruction, assessment, scheduling and other student achievement matters for Sheldon.  Members of this team also have other duties as “Site Council” members.

Site Council is a governing body that includes SALT members, Parents, and Administration. Decisions are made on the School Improvement Plan, professional development activities, student clubs, and EEF Grants.

Who is Sheldon High School named for?

Henry D. Sheldon 1874-1948

Following is an excerpt by Martin Schmitt written for the Oregon Historical Quarterly in March 1951.

Henry D. Sheldon was one of the Northwest’s foremost educators during the first half of this century, helping to build Oregon’s public high school system, the school of education at the University of Oregon and the university itself.

Sheldon came to Oregon at a time when education as a curriculum was just beginning to emerge from a group of courses that included psychology, philosophy, and pedagogy (teaching). He was a pioneer in child psychology and educational inquiry. Sheldon’s attempts to broaden the professional education curriculum, and raise the standards of teacher education form a major theme of his earlier letters.

Dr. Sheldon immediately understood that improved teacher training in Oregon was a useless effort unless the condition of secondary schools underwent a concurrent major improvement.

School Profile: