Daily Announcements 02.27.2020

February 27, 2020

Officer Savage wants to remind you at home and at school to not leave valuables, bags, and backpacks in plain sight in your vehicles. There have been a string of thefts from vehicles in the Sheldon area. Criminals focus on cars with items left out for all to see. Even if you know there’s nothing but PE clothes in your bag, the criminal doesn’t. Take these items inside or conceal them in your trunk. Also, please avoid leaving your vehicle here overnight if possible. Thank you.

Hey Sheldon, you’re invited! Join our Unity Project Work Party this Friday after school. We’ll be building the newest addition to the Sheldon community: the Irish Outfitters clothing shop! Get the shop ready for its Grand Opening! Help assemble furniture, make signs, and choose our most fashionable clothing items to display. Pizza will be provided, so RSVP in the front office by 4pm Thursday. You can also participate by donating gently used clothes to the bins by the front office this week. Irish Outfitters hopes to see you this Friday after school. RSVP today!

Spring Athletes! Have you registered yet? Practice starts on Monday, and you must be registered to participate. See Nancy in the athletics office with any questions.

Students, there has been an excessive amount of litter on our campus. Please do your part and put garbage and recycling in its proper place and not on the ground. Let’s have some Irish Pride and keep Sheldon clean.

It’s here! The Raza Unida Youth Conference takes place this Friday at the University of Oregon! If you are going on this field trip please come to a short meeting Thursday, during lunch, in room B15 to pick up the schedule and get final details about our travel times. Please check in with Ms. Albrich or Ms. Sitton if you are not able to attend the meeting.

In recognition of Black History Month, we want to remember Benjamin Banneker, who lived from 1731 until 1806. He was a farmer, mathematician, and astronomer. When he was young, he built a clock made of wood that struck the hours and worked the rest of Banneker’s life. When he was 57 years old, with “only a few semesters of elementary schooling in his childhood, Banneker taught himself the algebra, geometry, logarithms, trigonometry, and astronomy needed to become an astronomer. He also learned on his own how to use a compass, sector, and other instruments to make astronomical predictions,” which he published in an almanac. Benjamin Banneker worked with the team of surveyors to plan Washington D.C. and compiled a book of mathematical puzzles.

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