Casey Allbritten – Yearbook Adviser –

The start of this year has been very busy for everyone. Yearbook has been doing our best to document the beginning of the year despite these trying times. Our number one goal is to document how students, families and staff have been affected by this challenging year, and how things have remained the same.

Yearbook Sale Price of $55 Ends Soon (Dec. 31st)

Purchasing the yearbook – Sheldon families can purchase books now through the school website. Early bird orders can purchase the book for $55.00 until December 31st. Any purchases after December 31st will see an increase to $65.00. The link to purchase our school’s yearbook

Submit your students portrait for the yearbook! (9th-11th Graders)

Because we are not taking formal school photos this year, we would like you to submit your “Selfie portrait”! Click here for more information! Due date February 1st!

Please see the “Seniors” page here for information regarding:

  • Senior Ads
  • Senior Quotes
  • Senior Portraits: Due date has been extended to January 15th.

Student Input (Google Forms)

The yearbook team is dedicated to making the yearbook accurately represent the diverse community we are at Sheldon! To do so, we need your support. We ask all students to please fill out this form so we know what YOU want to see in the 2020-21 book.

By returning this form you ensure that no group goes unrepresented. Here is the link:

Winter Break & the Holiday Season

We’d love to include you in the yearbook. Please upload any winter break/holiday pictures.

HJ eShare:

School code: Sheldon     (case sensitive)

Again, we’d love to include you and your stories in the yearbook, so please utilize the HJ eShare app and feel free to contact us:

Students and parents can also download a free app (eShare) to their phones or computers and upload photographs to the yearbook staff throughout the school year, at any time!  Please download the free app and spread the word!

Herff Jones has provided a short tutorial on how to use the eShare app. Click here to view the video.