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2022-2023 College Visits Calendar


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(MOST of the answers to these questions you can find in Naviance!)


  1. What are your school’s most popular majors?  (Check to make sure they have the academic programs you want.)
  2. What is the typical size of a freshman course?  What is the size of the school?  The town?
  3. Is there a transitions program available to freshmen to help them get acquainted with the college?
  4. Do you have scholarships available at your school for undergraduates?  How do you find them?
  5. What kind of academic support is there for students?
  6. How tough is it to earn a degree in four years? What percentage of students actually complete their degree in 4 years for my major? What percentage are hired within 6 months of  graduation?
  7. What is the student living/housing like there?  How safe?
  8. How much college credit can I earn from my AP courses, IB courses, AP tests, IB  tests?  (These credits can save you major money IF the college accepts them.)
  9. Will my College Now credits count for college credit (transfers from Lane Community College) at your school? (These credits can save you major money IF the college accepts them.)
  10. What is the most important in getting accepted into your college? Obtaining the larger scholarships?
                GPA?          Grade trend?           SAT or ACT scores?        Courses taken?        Ranking? 
                Are SAT Subject Tests required?     School involvement and/or community service?
  11. What is the surrounding city/town like?
  12. Are there activities and programs going on during the weekends or do many of the students go home during the weekends?
  13. Do you have a Greek System (fraternities/sororities)?  If so, what is the percentage of students involved?
  14. What are the chances of being accepted into your college?
  15. What sports (what division are they?), clubs and activities are available?
  16. What employers recruit from your school consistently?
  17. How much is tuition? Fees?


Tips For College Visitations

Try to plan your campus visits when the college is in session (spring of junior year or fall of senior year) (VIRTUAL visits are very easy to participate in)
Before you visit the campus, call ahead to make arrangements (tour, meal on campus, and attend a freshman level class)
Develop a list of questions and plan specific activities to accomplish goals (catch a game, meet with a coach, meet with an academic advisor, meet with the department head, etc.)
Plan on being on campus for at LEAST a half day (stay overnight if possible). (VIRTUAL visits with current students, or sit in a class virtually)
Attend a freshman class in your potential major to get an idea of typical size, potential peers, teaching style, and academic atmosphere
Take a thorough campus tour and ask LOTS of questions
Meet with an admissions officer: verify admission requirements, discuss your chances for success, communicate your reasons for applying (take a copy of your transcript if possible)
Meet with a financial aid officer AND tour scholarship office
Meet with faculty in your academic area of interest
Ask about placement record for graduates in the field you might study
Identify career planning services for undergraduates
Talk to students about the general academic environment and the study commitment necessary for success
Find out what student activities are available
Inquire about campus life and social activities
Record your impressions
Write a handwritten thank you note (especially if you met with a professor or coach)


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