Where can I pick up grab-and-go lunches for my student(s)?

Free grab-and-go meals (breakfast and lunch served together) will be available for all 4J students and youth 18 years old and younger. There are no income requirements and no application necessary. Children do not need to be present when picking up meals. Families can choose the location that is most convenient for them, regardless of where they live or attend school.

Please follow directions posted at each site. Families are required to use social distancing strategies (6 feet distance from anyone not in your household) when accessing meal sites. All meals are intended to be picked up and not consumed onsite.

See the updated news about Grab-n-Go

Lunches being available 4 days a week!


Churchill Region

  • Arts & Technology Academy, 1650 W. 22nd Ave.
  • McCornack Elementary, 1968 Brittany St.

North Eugene Region

  • Howard Elementary School, 700 Howard Ave.
  • River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary School, 120 West Hilliard Lane
  • Madison Middle School, 875 Wilkes Drive

Sheldon Region

  • Cal Young Middle School, 2555 Gilham Road
  • Holt Elementary School, 770 Calvin St.

South Eugene Region

  • Roosevelt Middle School, 500 East 24th Avenue
  • Spencer Butte Middle School, 500 East 43rd Avenue


  • ECCO, 200 N. Monroe St. (behind the district office)

For more information please visit the 4J School District Nutrition Services page.

Need help accessing school meals?

Home delivery for families in need will begin in October

Meal delivery will begin October 12 for families that request by October 5. Requests made after October 5 are expected to be added to delivery routes within 7–10 school days.

To make a request fill out the 4j Meal Delivery Request Form

For more information about having meals delivered to your home visit the School Meal Delivery Information page on the 4j site.