( NEW) 2019-2020 Curriculum Guide – Sheldon – FINAL 

The Curriculum Guide contains essential information for the description, sequence, and selection of courses at Sheldon High School. It is intended to assist students, parents and guardians in the development of a program of studies.

In the spring of each year, 8th – 11th grade students will forecast for their classes for the following year, with the assistance of the Sheldon Scheduling Center, School Counselors, and/or Advisors. Parents are encouraged to contact the Scheduling Center or the School Counselor with any questions or concerns. Parents of 8th graders are invited each year, in April, to attend the parent nights that are planned after the students forecast for their classes.

All courses may not be available every year, especially in years which budgetary restrictions do not allow certain sections to be taught due to staffing levels.

The Curriculum Guide Includes:

  • Graduation Requirements
  • Sports Eligibility Requirements
  • Policy for Retaking a Class
  • College Admission Requirements
  • Academic Help & Support
  • Career Internship Program