Community Service Programs

Sheldon High School/International High School Community Service Program
Community Service is defined as student time and talent volunteered to their school and/or community. The student should not receive credit or money for the services to be considered as community service. The student does, however, receive special recognition in a variety of ways. The award column below lists the types of recognition.

Program When to Apply How to Apply Entrance Requirement Community Hours/
Contact Person Award
National Honor Society May after second trimester sophomore or junior year In May applications mailed to Jrs. & Sophomores with 3.6+ GPA 3.5 cumulative gpa 8 of 10 meetings 4 projects 20 hours of community service Jeannie Evans & Mike Washburn

NHS induction and certificate Graduation honor cord Scholarship potential
4J Diploma Seal Beginning in May of freshman year, students come to the Career Center for a contract Return completed contract to the Career Center 3.00 cumulative gpa at time of contract submission 3.50 cumulative GPA at regular Sheldon graduation 120 hrs. Community Service and 1 extra unit of credit (25 credits) Shiloh Jackson 4J Seal on Sheldon Diploma

*See community service booklet located in Sheldon IHS office.
**Hours may be earned after last school day of 9th grade or AFTER contract is signed, whichever is later

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