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This is a very unique year. Please make sure you and your student stay in touch with our College and Career Center by contacting Kim Johannsen. Our Center is a great resource for current college information.

Below are some links to helpful information.

Please contact Kim Johannsen with any questions.

4J College & Career Readiness Calendar of Events

Course Placement Testing LCC

PNACAC 2020 Fall College Fair

Fall 2020 RTEC 101 Information

    • Completely free & online!
    • Seniors Only
    • TWO credits of community college credit is .5 credit for high school! ONE community college credit is .25. The course will help them become confident first-year college students. Brenda from LCC will cover various college topics such as:
      • Resources to help your students manage their time.
      • Everything associated with what happens after the FAFSA is filed • Academic Advising for their CT major or transfer major.
      • Most importantly, they will have a go-to person during their senior year to help them keep navigating the system.
    • What do your seniors need to do?

      1. Turn in an under 18 form to me if they will be under 18. Instructions here.
      2. Have a college now application on file. Our credit application will be homework
      3. Reserve their spot for the class online form. That’s right, they do not need to register themselves unless they  want to, but registration before the first day is required. We will register them before the first day if they want us to.

Lane Arts Council’s Design Arts Apprenticeship Program

  • In addition to apprenticeship sites in Eugene, the Apprenticeship program has expanded to reach students in South Lane with in-person sessions hosted at the Opal Center in Cottage Grove. Students can choose between virtual or in-person participation this term. In-person sessions will follow OHA guidelines for safety. Note, the fully virtual version of the program allows Lane County students from any location to easily participate! The Design Arts Apprenticeship program offers Lane County middle and high school students apprenticeship opportunities with professionals working in graphic, digital, and physical design. This is a chance for students to learn new skills and uncover potential career paths over a 10-week period of intensive, direct learning. Students will meet with a mentor group for approximately 2.5 hours per week for 10 weeks to work directly on a shared project. Students also participate in engaging design- focused workshops, and showcase their final products and learning during a week-long public display.
  • Application is available in English & Spanish.