What started with just one dedicated teacher and 32 students, AVID is today the largest college-readiness system in the nation, impacting over 800,000 students annually in 44 states and 16 countries and territories. With more than three decades of research, AVID proves that students from limited educational backgrounds in their homes, communities, and schools can succeed at the highest levels when given support. Because AVID is a system of “good teaching,” its practices resonate with all students and teachers, creating impressive school wide results. The AVID elective class builds on these principles by creating a relational capacity between students and teacher where they interact as a family and support and encourage each other.  Students become proficient in taking and interacting with their focus notes, they learn how to clarify questions they have in their other academic classes, practice how to ask for help when they need it, work on organizational skills, reflect on their learning and most important they work on how they learn how to plan and manage their time in order to be successful in school.  All of this leads to being successful not only in high school, but it also prepares them for being successful in whatever post secondary setting they choose.


Mike Washburn, 10th Grade AVID Elective
Email: washburn_m@4j.lane.edu
Phone: 541-790-6774
  • I love AVID for so many reasons.  AVID helps me stay organized in school and out of school.  AVID is like a second family.  Everybody in AVID makes you feel at home.
  • Just writing down notes is useless.  AVID has taught me to write them down, use a highlighter, and underline key facts.  And you must review them to be effective.
  • It’s helped me with math and being organized.
  • AVID is a great class with a lot of important information and fun people.  It is very helpful to me.


Aaron Stiegeler, 11th/12th Grade AVID Elective
Email: stiegeler_a@4j.lane.edu
Phone: 541-790-6703

“AVID is more than just a college preparatory class, it’s also advancement for overall learning experiences. Now I’m a thankful senior in high school who knows what my future will include in college.”

“I think all these skills that we have learned over the years will definitely help with the rest of high school and all through college.”

“I like to have tips of on how to take better notes and set goals throughout the school year, because it helps us to improve our test scores and grades in our class.”

“I appreciate that I can make new friends with the avid students.  If we both have troubles in the same classes, we can relate and help each other out.”

“I now understand how and what I need to do to get into a college of my choice.”


Leah Barber, 9th Grade AVID Elective
Email: barber_l@4j.lane.edu
Phone: 541-790-6674


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Remote Office Hours

Stiegeler Aaron M – F : 8-9 1-2 via Email
Washburn Mike M – F : 1-1:30 M – F : 2-2:30
Barber Leah M – F : 5-6