When students are absent, parents or guardians should email the Attendance Secretary at or call the Sheldon Attendance line at 541-790-6606.

Requests to excuse absences must be received within 48 hours of the absence.

When leaving a message please speak slowly and clearly. Be sure to provide the following information.

  • Name of person calling (and relationship to student)
  • Phone number of person calling
  • Spelling the First and Last name of student.
  • Six digit student ID number (if you have it)
  • Date(s) and period(s) of the absence or tardy
  • Reason for the absence. Appointment? Please specify if it’s a “health related” appointment (medical, dental, counseling, PT, etc.) or “other” (insurance, DMV, passport, etc.).

What to do if the student is incorrectly marked Absent/Tardy or Late/Very Late. 


Our teachers are asked to record attendance within 10 minutes of the start of each class. If your student arrives after the first 10 minutes, a marking of absent may be changed to “very late”. It’s an interruption to class for a teacher to go back to change attendance once class has started. Any unauthorized absence from class of 10+ minutes may be identified as “very late” by a teacher, even if it takes place in the middle of the class period. If a mark of late/very late/absent is incorrect, please contact the teacher.


Homework RequestsPlease check with your student’s teachers by email (or better yet, have your student check with his/her teachers). Email addresses and class web pages can be found on the website at . Teachers may leave paper assignments in the Office for you to pick up.


If the student will miss more than 3 full days of school due to a planned reason, use the     Pre-arranged Absence Form available in the Attendance Office or on the link below.

Attendance Policy:


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