High School Summer Learning Opportunities

You can find all available Summer classes listed here!

The 4J Summer Intensive Program (July 12th – August 13th)

The 4J Summer Intensive Program (July 12th – August 13th) will provide opportunities for students to extend their learning into the summer months led by outstanding 4J licensed educators. Course offerings reflect the curiosities and passions of both students and teachers. Courses will be held, onsite at all four high schools depending on the teacher and facility. See below for a list of dates, locations and course descriptions. Students may register for any course, regardless of their home high school. Additional opportunities and information to come. Students are limited to enrollment in one course to ensure there is enough space for all those interested. We will make an announcement directly to families and on the district page in late June about any courses opening for a second enrollment. Contact Tia Holliday, holliday@4j.lane.edu Ed Mendelssohn, mendelssohn_e@4j.lane.edu

Summer Bridge 9th Grade (August 2nd – 6th)

Summer Bridge students participate in curated activities with a small group of their peers, a teacher and a junior or senior Peer Navigator. Students hear about high school from the experts as they share stories and advice about surviving and thriving in high school. In addition they learn the key ingredients of high school success from awesome Summer Bridge teachers, and meet the adults who will make your life in high school easier. To register go to our webpage at this link Summer Bridge Registration Form 2021, Formulario de Inscripción del Programa “Summer Bridge” 2021 Contact at Sheldon: Jackie Owens owens_j@4j.lane.edu

Spanish Flyer Formulario de Inscripción del Programa “Summer Bridge” 2021

English Flyer Registration Form Link

Summer GED (July 6th – August 20th)

Our GED program is housed in the Lane Community College Downtown Center, as another option for high school completion. Staff provide instructional support with the online curriculum and content needed to earn a GED. Students must meet with their school counselor or administrator to enroll. Location: Lane Community College, Downtown Campus 101 W. 10th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

Summer Online Credit Recovery (July 12th – August 20th)

Virtual, online as well as on-site assistance to fulfill graduation requirements and support grade-level on-track credit status in math, language arts, science and social studies. Students must meet with their school counselor or administrator to enroll. Location: Lane Community College, Downtown Campus 101 W. 10th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

Northwest Youth Corps

Youth Community Program (non-residential) 5 week session June 21 – August 27 Ages 15 – 18 $250/week stipend

NWYC Youth Camping Program (residential) 5 week session June 12 – August 28 Ages 16 – 18 $300/week stipend

Northwest Youth Corps provides work-based learning opportunities to youth and young adults through immersive crew-based programs that focus on completion of demanding physical projects done in partnership with governmental land-management agencies. Programs offerings come in both residential and non-residential varieties. All programs focus intensively on the growth of participants, providing 8-14 hours of formal and informal professional development to participants each day. Programs are highly structured with participants receiving a minimum of 175 hours of training in non-residential programs, earning 2.75 credits, and roughly 415 hours of training in residential programs, earning 3.5 credits. Credits will be awarded for only one successful completion of either of these summer programs but not both. The program’s educational outcomes are specifically designed to align with Oregon’s Performance Indicators for Career and Technical Education, Physical Education and Health Outcomes. Participants in residential programs receive significantly more guidance around healthy communications and food safety than participants in non-residential programs. For more information and to apply visit the Northwest Youth Corp website at https://www.nwyouthcorps.org/m/OurPrograms Tuition assistance is available upon request for all programs including LGTBQ + and ASL Crews

Summer SAIL@UO (July 26 – July 30)

Summer SAIL is a FREE one-week, in-person and virtual experience program hosted on the University of Oregon campus. During the SAIL experience, high school students learn about the various subjects from distinguished University of Oregon faculty members through fun social and interactive activities. This opportunity is designed for high school students, including the incoming 9th grade class. In fact, we strongly encourage our 9th grade students to participate! 4J will be awarding 0.50 high school credit for students who participate fully in the SAIL activities this summer, meet with their college mentors three times during the school year, and participate in organized recruitment of other students to participate in SAIL for the summer of 2022. We will contact qualifying participants in August for more information about completing the credit requirements. Student technology is available (laptops and hot spots) for any 4J student participating in SAIL. Please contact your high school if you have technology needs. Prioritized registration: Underserved/underrepresented students Lower income students 1 st generation college going You can find out more about SAIL and register by visiting: Summer SAIL@UO Information and Registration.

Looking Glass Riverfront School & Career Center is also offering Summer courses! Click here for a course list!

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