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March 25, 2021

Dear Sheldon Families

Hard to believe I know but trimester 2 is over and it is already time to be thinking about textbook distribution for trimester 3.

When is Textbook and Materials Distribution?:  Textbook distribution will happen during the first week of Trimester 3 on April 1st and April 2nd. The distribution plan will follow the same basic format we used for the last textbook distribution back in Trimester 2. The COVID safety protocols we will use are listed below:

  • Students and families should arrive in only ONE car if driving.
  • Only people that are picking up an item should exit the vehicle.
  • All people arriving on campus must wear a face mask that covers the nose and mouth.
  • Staff will wear masks and gloves and maintain social distancing.
  • Signs will be posted regarding social distancing.
  • Staff will be on hand to help maintain 6’ distancing.
  • Please wash your hands both before and after the event.
  • Students and staff will not hand off items directly. Items will be placed in containers or on tables during the pickup.


Please note that not every Sheldon student will need to come to the textbook/materials distribution. There is an attachment in this e-mail that lists which classes and teachers are requesting textbook and materials pick-up .  Also, teachers will inform students in their classes on Tuesday and Wednesday (March 30th and March 31)  if they need to come to the distribution.  Please compare your student’s schedule with the attachment to determine if your student needs to come to the distribution.

Textbooks list

If students do need to come to the textbook/materials distribution, they should come prepared with their schedule to ensure they pick up the correct textbooks and materials.

See below for the dates and times of textbook/materials distribution:


Thursday, April 1               1:00-2:00 Last name: A-CH

                                             2:00-3:00 Last name: Ci-E

                                            3:00-4:00 Last name: F-I

                                             4:00-5:00 Last name: J-L


Friday, April   2,                12:00-1:00 Last name: M-P

                                            1:00-2:00 Last name: Q-T

                                            2:00-3:00 Last name: U-Wh

                                            3:00-4:00 Last name: Wi-Z

                                            4:00-5:00 Make-up:    A-Z                         


As always, if it is not possible for you (or your student) to come at the designated date and time, please come to any of the other times listed above.  We will be able to accommodate your needs. If you have any questions, please contact Sheldon High School at 541-790-6600




Kay D. Graham

Sheldon Assistant Principal



Carrie Mertz

Textbook Specialist


Principal’s Letter March 25, 2021

Students and Families,


Earlier this week I sent out an email about changes to the graduation timeline. I made an effort to be brief, but that brevity sacrificed clarity. For that I am truly sorry. I want to give you a more complete picture of the end of the year for this year’s seniors, including some deeper explanations of the important dates.


My lack of clarity centered around two events, the commencement and the live graduation event. For this reason I feel a need to define both of these events:


Commencement: The graduation ceremony this year will be pre-recorded and will air on  June 10th (which is also our Seniors’ last day of school). The video will include all of our graduates, student speakers, and performers. This will be available to stream so that families can watch it from home. We will be sending home communications throughout April around the creation of the video, including dates that things will need to be completed.


Live Event for Graduates: On June 16, we will be having a live, in person event. At this event we will have a limited number of student speakers/performers and the main focus will be on the “handing out” of diplomas. I have been working with our Leadership class to create a plan for this to happen at Sheldon High School’s sports stadium. I recognize that people will have questions about the live graduation, especially around the possibility of family members getting tickets to attend. We are still in the planning phase, but will get that information out as the plans are formalized.


The commencement ceremony will still be happening on June 10th. The live event for graduates has been scheduled for June 16th, based on the School Board meeting last Wednesday. Initially, these two events would have been held on the same day, which created the confusion as I said that graduation will be moved. Graduation will in fact stay on the 10th, with the bonus activity, the live graduation, happening on the 16th.


I am truly sorry for causing confusion in a time when I should be promoting clarity.


I also want to give you the best timeline for dates that will be happening for seniors this spring. While some of this information is currently incomplete, I wanted to let you know key dates when you should be expecting more information.


April 5 – 26: Students submit photos for Graduation Commencement Video

  1. Sheldon will provide information as we receive it from the school district.
  2. Please know that if we are able to do a live graduation, we will still be creating a graduation video.  We will need your graduation photographs for the video.


April 6: Senior Parent Meeting via zoom – link will be available prior to the meeting.


April 9: Graduation Speaker or Performance Audition Video Submitted to Head Secretary, Kristen Natt (  For more information see:


April 15:  Graduation announcements will be available for pick up at Sheldon.


April 16: Graduation Speaker or Performance Final Video Submitted to Graduation Committee.


April 19: 4J Diploma Seal Hours Due to Shiloh Jackon in the Career Center (if you want the graduation video to mention you are a candidate)


April 26: Final fees paid to Finance


April 30: Diploma name form DUE to Registrar (if you choose to omit middle name or just use middle initial on diploma)


Tentative Events in May (Dates TBD): College Signing Day, Senior Class Meeting


May 7: Midterm Grading Day


May 20: Senior Distribution Day

  1. The following items will be distributed: awards, chords, cap and gown, diploma cover and senior yard signs.
  2. You will have the opportunity to get your “Cap and Gown” photo taken by a professional photographer, sign the “Senior Shield,” return books and pay fees (if applicable).


May 28: Final verification of seniors passing classes.


Tentative Events in June (Dates TBD) Awards night, Textbook return, diploma and “cap / gown” photo mailed to address in StudentVue


June 1: Oregon Promise Deadline


June 4: Final Transcript Request DUE


June 10: Last day for Seniors, Commencement video goes live.


June 11: IHS Live Graduation Ceremony


June 16: Live Graduation Ceremony


Again, I offer my apology for my previous miscommunication. While sending out a brief message was intended to be helpful, it caused confusion. I will make sure that future communications provide the needed clarity in these difficult times.



Mike Ingman
Principal, Sheldon High School
Eugene School District 4J
(541) 790-6600 / Fax: (541) 790-6605
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