March 18, 2021

  • Trimester 2 book return is on TODAY, March 18 from 1-5. Any book not needed for Trimester 3 should be returned. Check your car, backpack, and under your bed for any books from previous trimesters that need to be returned. We really need those books back!!!
  • Today is a B day! No school tomorrow!
  • If you are interested in doing a smaller version (different version) of the Mr/Ms Irish Pageant this year, it is that time to get your google application in. We are taking 8-10 individuals this year. We will have a couple of fundraisers, and some other fun stuff is in the works. Send in your application and we will do interviews and get going on this right after Spring Break. You can find the application link on the Sheldon website under “Students”. Come and join the fun along with other high schools and help save the babies!
  • The Regional Food Pantry is this Saturday 2-4 PM at the Willakenzie Community Church. It is a drive-thru style food pantry!
  • Senior Audition Interest Form is due TOMORROW! Find the link on the Sheldon website pop-up!

Have a great Spring Break Sheldon!