March 11, 2021

  • Remember the Forecasting Form is still open for make-up until tomorrow! Students needing help with this should contact their counselor or assistant principal, Kay Graham at 541-790-6610. If students do not forecast, a counselor will make a schedule for them.
  • Athletes, please remember your must be enrolled in 4 classes to participate.
  • Trimester 2 book return is on Thursday, March 18 from 1-5. Any book not needed for Trimester 3 should be returned. Check your car, backpack, and under your bed for any books from previous trimesters that need to be returned. We really need those books back!!!
  • Food boxes will be available today 12-6 pm in front of Sheldon.
  • Seniors, need to turn in scholarships? Please scan them to Shiloh in the Career Center or email her to set up a time to drop them off.