Senior Photo’s Deadline Extended

Dear Seniors and Families,

We’re already ⅓ of the way into the school year, and we’ve just submitted our senior ad section and dozens of spreads to the plant for printing. We now have our sights on our next approaching deadline and we need your help. If you have any content ideas or you know of a great story that you’d like to see shared in the yearbook, we’d love to hear from you:

We also want to remind you that you can upload photographs at any time via the HJ eShare App:

The school code: Sheldon (case sensitive)

Senior Portrait Update

Our editor-in-chief has provided a list of seniors that have not submitted a portrait for the yearbook. In the hope of dwindling that list down, we’re reaching out to you again, extending the deadline to January 15.  This is pushing it awfully close to our deadline with the plant, so please submit as soon as possible.

Please be certain to click on ‘portrait’ within the HJ eShare app so that the file goes into our portrait section of the library.  Please check the dpi before submitting, as a dpi of 300 is standard; a dpi lower than that might look fine on your phone or computer screen, but it could look pixelated when in print. If you do not know how to adjust the dpi of your image, you might find this site helpful:

Please upload the portrait via HJ eShare:

Sheldon’s school code: Sheldon     (case sensitive)

Here’s a five minute video demonstration:

Note: Lifetouch will not manage our portraits for Sheldon this year. The only means of including an up-to-date portrait is for you to submit one. For those seniors that do not provide an updated portrait, we will use the portrait on file from last year.  If we do not have a portrait on file, we may not be able to include the student in the yearbook.

For those families with 9th, 10th, or 11th graders, we would like you to submit your “Selfie Portrait!” Click here for more information!

Yearbook Sale Price of $55 Ends Soon (Dec. 31st)

Purchasing the yearbook – Sheldon families can purchase books now through the school website. Early bird orders can purchase the book for $55.00 until December 31st. Any purchases after December 31st will see an increase to $65.00. The link to purchase our school’s yearbook

Senior Survey (Quotes and more)

92 seniors have completed the survey, so far. You need to be logged under your school email to access the Google Form:

(Ten students submitted their survey without including their name, and so if you think that might have been you, you’ll want to resubmit.)

Winter Break & the Holiday Season

We’d love to include you in the yearbook. Please upload any winter break/holiday pictures.

HJ eShare:

School code: Sheldon     (case sensitive)

Again, we’d love to include you and your stories in the yearbook, so please utilize the HJ eShare app and feel free to contact us:


Go Irish!

Casey Allbritten

Shamrock Yearbook Adviser

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