Student Schedules & Tech Distribution Update

Subject: Student Schedules

Sheldon Community,

We live in interesting times. I hope that this note finds you safe, as the world has been turned upside down in the last few days with wildfires affecting everyone in our school community. I would like to update you as to where we are in preparation for the school year.

We had two successful rounds of technology distribution. We have handed out over 1,400 laptop computers and hot spots. At this point, we need to hold off on another round until the air quality has improved. We are not able to plan on when that will be at this time due to uncertain weather conditions. We will let you know as soon as we are able to have another round of tech distribution.

I know that people are anxiously awaiting the release of their student’s schedules for Fall Term. Student schedules will be available via Student and Parent Vue at midnight tonight (12:00 am on September 10th). I want to encourage you to look at your schedule. If a student cannot access StudentVue, please call 541-790-6600 for a password reset. Also students please go in and clear your email accounts so that new and updated emails can be received.

After students have schedules, the next step will be for students to log onto their Canvas accounts. Canvas is the platform that we will be using for online learning, and students will attend classes by logging onto the Canvas account. You will not have the ability to log onto Canvas accounts today, but instead students should receive the Canvas login information by the end of this week.

On another note, the District has a group of dedicated professionals working on student on-boarding materials for Canvas.  This will help with getting students all of the skills that they need to get onto Canvas and be ready to learn. Our hope is to get that information at the same time that the Canvas login information is available.

A message from our counseling team on Course Corrections:

Please know that with 1500 students, schedule changes can not be made.  In the unfortunate event of a scheduling error; please fill out the following form Trimester 1 Schedule Correction Form that can also be found on the Sheldon website under the top tab: STUDENTS.  More information can be found in our Curriculum Guide (SHS, Counseling, Curriculum Guide) on pages 10-11.  Please do NOT make an appointment with your counselor to change your schedule, please use the form provided.

The following are examples of a scheduling error:

  1. Academic misplacement as determined and initiated by the teacher/counselor
  2. A graduation requirement is needed
  3. Failure in a prerequisite class
  4. A technical error or an obvious mistake
  5. A health issue, requiring documentation by a physician
  6. An open period is required to access an off campus class
  7. Schedule not balanced
  8. Schedule not full (9th and 10th graders)
  9. Seniors ONLY: Early Graduation

You can also access it through the link below if you need to use the Course Change Form: Schedule Corrections Form

Please do NOT make an appointment with your counselor to change your schedule, please use the form provided.  Not all requests can be granted.  Please allow up to two school days for changes to occur IF changes are possible.  Confirmation of a schedule correction will look like a change in StudentVue/Class Schedule within two school days.



Thank you,

Mike Ingman


Henry D. Sheldon High School


Please see the videos below for help understanding your Student Schedule and the Bell Schedule.

Student Schedules & The Bell Schedules