Tech & Yearbook Pick-up Round 2

Subject: Laptop Distribution

Sheldon Community,

With school quickly approaching, we started handing out laptop computers last week. This was a huge success as over 1,200 computers were distributed to students during the three days. While it was great to see everyone that came, we still have about 300 computers that need to be checked out.

A second round of Laptop distribution will be happening at Sheldon High School on Thursday, September 3rd from 3-6:00pm. If you have not yet picked up your laptop, please come on this day.

In order to maintain physical distancing and help everyone stay safe, we will plan to observe the following protocols:

  • Students and families should arrive in only ONE car if driving.
  • Only people that are picking up an item should exit the vehicle.
  • All people arriving on campus must wear a face covering.
  • Staff will wear masks and gloves and maintain social distancing.
  • Signs will be posted regarding social distancing.
  • Staff will be on hand to help maintain 6’ distancing.
  • Please wash your hands both before and after the event.
  • Students and staff will not hand off items directly. Items will be placed in containers or on tables during the pickup.

We are asking that either the student themselves or their parent/guardian pick up a laptop for the student. It will help speed up the process if you have a recent student ID or the student’s 4J ID number.

Just as a reminder, all students are encouraged to pick up a 4J laptop for their online learning this year. Even if you have your own device, it will be important that you have a 4J laptop to use this fall. The laptops will include programs and applications that you will be using in your classes that can be updated remotely throughout the school year. Allowing students to pick up computers, prior to the start of the school year, will enable them to “get to know” the devices so that they will have used them before the September 14th start of school.

You may also be aware that 4J School District has partnered with Comcast. This partnership is currently in place and will enable 4J to cover the cost of 12 months of Internet Essentials for families that qualify. Families that already have this service can use a code to redirect the cost of their subscription to 4J. In order to access these services please follow the steps below:

  1. Families will need to go here and complete the form. We will then reply by email with a unique code for them to use when applying for this service.
  2. Families may also call 541-790-7757 (English) or 541-790-7758 (Spanish) and leave their callback information. We will call these families back and provide them with a unique code.

We encourage to you to see if you are eligible for this program if you currently do not have an internet connection.

If it is not possible for you to come in on Thursday, please call the office at Sheldon (541-790-6600) to arrange to pick up your computer at a different time.  Working together, we can get every student a laptop before the start of classes.



Mike Ingman


Henry D Sheldon High School

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