Caps & Gowns Pick Up 05.14.2020

Parents and Students,

We are happy to announce that we have a date for seniors to pick up their Caps and Gowns. This will be done on Wednesday, May 20 at Sheldon High School. This event will only be available for students that plan on graduating in June of 2020. If a Senior is not planning on graduating this spring, then they would have to wait for the school-wide day that will be coming up in the near future.

To ensure social distancing, we will break down the times that students will be allowed to pick up their materials, based on first letter of last name, as follows:


8:00-9:00 A-C

9:00-10:00 D-H

10:00-11:00 I-L

11:00-12:00 M-O

12:00-1:00 P-R

1:00-2:00 S

2:00-3:00 T-Z


We are also planning to offer a number of things that students can get taken care of to minimize the number of trips that they will need to take to school. We will be offering a number of stations that students will go to in order to accomplish the following things:


  • Pick up Caps and Gowns from Miners, the company that these items have been purchased through;
  • Receive individual awards such as cords, stoles, pins, awards etc;
  • Get their diploma covers they would typically get during the graduation ceremony;
  • Seniors can have a picture taken in their cap and gown (each student will receive one free photo);
  • Senior yard/window signs for 2020 graduates;
  • Seniors can pick up athletic letters for winter and spring seasons;
  • Turn in the technology that they have checked out from Sheldon from Senior students who no longer need it;
  • Turn in textbooks, library books, and any other equipment they might have (instrument, calculator, etc.) from Senior students that are no longer needed;
  • Signing of the Senior “Class of 2020” Shield.


Our plan of having everything available at the same time is to make things better for our students and families. This will allow students to get all the things they have which belong to the school turned in and to be able to get everything they want from the schools related to graduation at the same time. This has taken some coordination on our part, but it should allow us another way to offer some semblance of normalcy to the end of the year in such uncharacteristic times.

We will adhere to all social distancing and safety protocols, including all staff wearing masks. Please have your student come to the front entrance of Sheldon at their appointed time (see above) and staff members will help get them through the process.


Mike Ingman


Sheldon High School