Seniors and Families 04.21.2020

Seniors and Families,

We want to alert you will likely get an attendance call on Friday. If your intent is to drop your classes, Please don’t worry, you are receiving the call because you are a Sheldon student enrolled in classes.

As we move forward please remember that where you are on the journey to earn all of the required credits will guide your decisions on whether or not to continue in your current schedule. You should have received a digital letter at your 4J email account as well as a paper letter mailed home from Principal Mike Ingman, confirming your status as either having completed all of the credits needed for your Oregon Diploma OR advising you to check in with your counselor to create a plan to finish those requirements. If you have completed your credits you have a choice to make:

  • If you are continuing in your classes: you just need to continue attending the class. You do not have to do anything other than engaging in learning with your teacher.
  • If you are NOT going to continue in your classes: use the drop form link Schedule Correction Form, or find the form on the Sheldon Website>Student Tab>Trimester 3 Schedule Correction Form

Starting Monday, we will begin dropping classes, if appropriate. Remember: YOU DON’T HAVE TO DROP YOUR CLASSES. You are a Sheldon student and can continue taking classes even if you already have a passing grade for that class. If you choose to stay enrolled in the class, please stay engaged in your course work. If at some point your decision changes, please contact your counselor immediately.

Reminder: Please make sure you make up any Incompletes from prior terms; these Incompletes will turn into “F” grades if they have not been “fixed” by June 11th. You can check this via StudentVue, Course History.