IHS Honorary Diploma & IB Diploma Candidates Information 04.27.2020

IB Diploma Candidates
  • IB exams are cancelled and thus students will earn their IB scores from their internal and external assignments (IAs and EAs)
  • These IAs and EAs are all finished except for a few Theory of Knowledge (ToK) presentations as well as some World Language Orals
  • IB scores will be sent to candidates in early summer and IB diplomas will be available next fall, as they always are
  • IB diploma candidates will still receive their IB graduation sash at a later date. As we are still working to figure out commencement ceremonies and ways to honor our seniors
IHS Honorary Diploma
  • We are working to give you all completed lists of seniors who will earn the IHS honorary diploma, those who will not, and those who have incomplete grades that would need to be finished to earn the honorary diploma.
  • IHS is committed to honoring our seniors as we are able and will work with host schools and the 4j district office to find a way to celebrate and honor their graduation from IHS.
  • We will make sure our graduates receive their honorary diploma as a part of this recognition