Daily Announcements 02.21.2020

February 21, 2020

Interested in a spring sport? Track, baseball, softball, golf and tennis to name a few. Be sure to attend the Spring sports information night on February 24th from 4-7pm in the cafeteria. 4-5 open registration, 5-5:45 Athletic department presentation, 6-7 team meetings. If you have questions please visit the athletic office. Spring sports season is fast approaching. To be academically eligible you must be enrolled in and passing 4 of 5 classes for WINTER and SPRING term. If you have questions about eligibility please see the athletic office.

You may have notice that there are signs up around campus with the #SHELDONEQUITY. These signs have been made by Sheldon students that want ALL students to be treated with dignity and respect. The pictures show some of the staff and students that want to take a stand against degrading words and actions that happen on a high school campus. We want to unite and let people know that racist, homophobic, and sexist comments are not part of the culture here at Sheldon High School. How can you be involved? First, let people around you know that these kinds of comments are not acceptable at Sheldon High School. Second, you can join in and have your picture taken while holding a sign? The signs, including both pre-made and the materials to make your own are in the library. Please go into the library throughout the day and the staff can help you to become part of this movement. We will be posting new pictures throughout the week. Come be a part of the movement!

Eugene’s PERIOD chapter will have a meeting today, February 21st, at South Eugene High School. We’ll be discussing our city level policy efforts and talking about you can get involved. Join us from 3:30 to 4:30 in room 409 at South. Hope to see you there!

Sheldon Swim will be competing at the State competition in Portland this weekend. Swim fast… and GOOD LUCK!

NASU will be meeting in room c-9 during lunch today. Pizza will be served.

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